Star Spotlight: Namio Harukawa



Namio Harukawa (春川ナミオ) is a Japanese artist known for his realistic femdom erotica drawings. Harukawa's drawings feature beautiful, voluptuous women with large breasts, wide hips, round buttocks and thick legs dominating, overpowering and humiliating smaller men. Harukawa's women are both Asian and European in appearance, and a few times African.

Harukawa's women usually have an aloof look on their faces as they dominate hopeless men. Common Harukawa themes include facesitting, smothering, Urolagnia, bondage and cunnilingus. Other works by Harukawa have a cuckoldry theme.

Namio was born in 1932, in Osaka, Japan.

The DVD contains over 500 photos of this legendary artist. See short sample below. Great to play when you are working or when friends are over.
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